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</July 2015-current> ::  ntn buzztime – graphic designer, carlsbad, ca

  • designed and developed on-line and print graphic assets for marketing and promotion for NTN Buzztime.
  • created network and tablet video ads for Buzztime’s nation-wide network game and self-service dining platforms.
  • worked closely with marketing team to collaborate with marketing strategies for games and services promotion.
  • art direction of photo shoot sessions for brand marketing.

</2011-current> :: michael elgo creative – creative principal, san diego, ca

  • partners with you in all aspects of your marketing communications and advertising campaign creation including implementation.
  • develops solid brand, management and enforcement to all clients.
  • creates inspired advertising; full campaigns to single advertisement execution.
  • kindles compelling art direction that also communicates the message.
  • generates creative visual solutions that includes, but not limited to, logo design, web site user experience, packaging, and ad specialties.

</July-October 2012> ::  high moon studios – graphic designer, carlsbad, ca

  • designed and  developed graphic assets for promotion for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and Deadpool.
  • developed branded marketing presentations for game products and internal use.
  • worked closely with Marketing Manager and Marketing Art Director to collaborate with marketing strategies for game promotion.
  • communicated with and fulfilled graphic asset demands with other global Activision studios, affiliates, and contract agencies.
  • created social media assets for posting Facebook and YouTube, and advertising backgrounds for GameStop, Activision Corporate Support, JB HI-FI (Austrailia) and other on-line retailers.
</1998–2011> ::  mediadirect, inc. – creative principal/partner, san diego, ca
  • created and managed the look, feel and voice of all the client communication and marketing campaigns
  • ensured consistency of clients’ brand marketing message, thereby facilitating success on multiple levels
  • nurtured and grew the company via customer relationship development and maintenance;
  • effectively managed the design and production team
  • engaged in strategic planning and implementation with majority partner
  • cultivated enduring relationships with c.e.o.s, owners, marketing directors, ad agency principals, event planners and managers.

</1996–1998> :: adventure 16, inc. – corporate graphic designer, san diego , ca 

  • designed and produced customer facing and internal communication based on corporate brand messaging
  • collaborated with independent consultants on yearly wholesale catalog and quarterly newsletter development
  • managed outsourced printing and production with vendors
  • worked closely with all executive management team members, including c.e.o.

</1995–1996> :: spectrum marketing – graphic artist, carlsbad, ca

  • assigned to individual marketing account representative
  • responsible for layout of content to template based marketing materials
  • reviewed and edited layouts, proofs and negatives prior to press printing
  • gained extensive knowledge of production and printing processes



</exceptional creative aptitude>

  • quick concept development based on marketing need
  • media use assessments for maximum communication effectiveness
  • goal oriented strategic planning for all promotional campaigns; presentation messaging and development

</outstanding managerial abilities>

  • customer business relationship development and maintenance
  • workflow management with design and production teams; and internal inventory asset management.

</cutting-edge technical skills>

  • quick thumbnail sketching for immediate concept communication
  • adobe creative suite: photoshop, illustrator, indesign, dreamweaver; quark xpress
  • html design, website and html email development
  • wordpress website/blog development and integration
  • online video media production
  • advertising/social media conceptual copywriting; apple iworks and ms office suite.

</significant production expertise>

  • comprehensive knowledge of traditional and digital printing processes, including large format printing, finishing and signage
  • direct mailing process
  • traditional and online deployment
  • prototype display and mockup manufacturing